Silver Jet is pleased to announce a Platinum Partnership with Force24

This partnership is a great addition to the Silver Jet portfolio. It means we can offer an intelligent solution that can realise the potential that we identify using our analytical approach to marketing.

Force24 are a UK based marketing automation provider, one of the fastest growing and recognised as an industry leader.

In a crowded martech industry it is important to have the right technology for your needs. There are always new technologies, changing attitudes, changes in behaviour and new insights to make use of in effectively marketing to your customers. This is why we choose to work with Force24. The key for Silver Jet is not just what Force24 brings to the table but what it’s technology can take away – repetitive tasks, the dark art of building an email and the stress of worrying about where your data is. As a Platinum Partner we are excited to share the rewards of this platform with our clients.

We met with Force24 to ask them a few key questions on what they think makes them such a good option in the marketing automation world and what being a Platinum Partner is all about.

What do you look for in a Platinum Partner?

Platinum Partners must be users and true advocates of our platform. They need to be able to support their own clients to adopt best practice in alignment with the Force24 way of working so we really look for Partners who are aligned with us in thinking and really support their clients to achieve the best!

2. What do you think makes Force24 stand out from other marketing automation platforms

Our platform has been designed to provide a comprehensive automation toolbox which is simple and easy to use allowing the marketer to use the platform to save time whilst yielding better results.

Our ultimate USP though is the support we offer. Training and support for the life of any account, as much as the client needs and on a day to day basis. Our team of automation specialists respond on a 2 minute SLA - pretty impressive!

3. How would you describe force 24 in 3 words

Progressive - we are constantly developing and fine tuning our product

Accessible - we offer the best of the best automation at a competitive price point

Adaptable - we can provide levels of support needed by a client on an individual level and this is flexible

4. What do your users say is the best thing about your platform

The standard of the platform that is available for the price point - especially with the unlimited support that is offered!

Force24 had a few questions of their own about Silver Jet’s view on marketing automation in the industry and what made us choose them to partner with.

1. Why is high-performance marketing automation important to you and your clients?

I’ve never met a single person that thinks they have all the resource they need. You have to be smart with what you have, which means making smart decisions and using smart tech.

2. Why did Force24 cut the mustard?

GDPR compliance and clarity on data storage is a biggie for me – it’s really good to know I wouldn’t need a passport to see where my clients’ data is stored!

3. What's your favourite feature?

Personally I’m a fan of the journey builder – especially how you can use it to create subsets of data to aid other savvy decision-making.

4. What’s your biggest challenge as a marketer?

Helping clients to see how easy and cost-effective it can be to put intelligent campaigns together. Using data well for segmentation and personalisation doesn’t need to be a huge, enterprise level black box of code.

5. and your must-know marketing tip?

I’m not sure it’s a tip, but personalisation really works. Marketing comes to life when the fundamentals are right – right person, right message, right time.

To learn more about how marketing automation can supercharge your lead generation and conversion please contact Stephen James via