Digital radio is reconnecting families in lockdown

A “game-changing” digital radio pioneered by a Northamptonshire acoustics company is helping to combat loneliness among the elderly by featuring voice memos and reminders recorded by family members.

The ‘Silver Server’ radio is aimed at vulnerable pensioners and anyone with certain underlying health conditions who have been left cut-off from their loved ones as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The simple, easy-to-use radio allows family members to record up to four 10 second voice memos which can be set to play at a particular time of day – ideal for reminding relatives to take their daily medication or just to say hello each morning.

David Stobart, Sales Director of manufacturers MBX International, based on High March Industrial Estate in Daventry, said: “The coronavirus outbreak has had a huge impact on families all over the world, with many unable to see their nearest and dearest when they need them the most.

“While for some, iPads and video conferencing has made it bearable, many elderly people without the necessary technology skills have been left to fend for themselves, triggering a spike in loneliness and isolation.

“The radio is a source of comfort and companionship in these troubling times, a reassuring voice of reason and a reminder of more enjoyable days.

“By incorporating the ability to preset voice memos, the Silver Server allows you to ensure your relatives are safe and well and they can hear a familiar voice every day. It’s an absolute game-changer.”

New data has revealed the BBC has seen listening figures for its stations rise by 18 per cent during the lockdown, while commercial station owners Global and Bauer have both witnessed surges of 15 per cent.

The Silver Server DAB and FM radio combines sleek 21st century design and state-of-the-art technology with a user-friendly interface.

It also features an in-built temperature display which shows an alert when the room temperature dips too low and a USB connection compatible with the RNIB Talking Book service, allowing those with limited eyesight to settle down with their favourite book.

A complimentary pre-configuration service is currently available (normally charged at £15), allowing you to submit four voice memos and a list of three favourite radio stations which can be added at the factory before being shipped directly to your elderly relative, removing the need for any extra journeys during lockdown.

The Silver Server radio is available to buy, priced at £99.99, via