Leading the way in so many ways

Situated in a central location at Sywell Aerodrome, Sloane Helicopters is Northamptonshire’s answer for all things helicopter related. Founded over 49 years ago, the company continues to provide customers with an extensive variety of aviation products and services. Sloane has operated as the sole UK and Ireland distributor for Leonardo Helicopters for over 25 years and remains the longest established UK and Ireland dealer for the Robinson Helicopter Company with over 44 years’ experience. Sloane’s wide-ranging capabilities include helicopter engineering, flight operations and

flight training.

As the UK’s leading Robinson Helicopter Dealer, Sloane has a distinguished record of selling, assembling, overhauling and supporting the whole range of Robinson helicopters from the R22 through to the five-seat, single-engine turbine R66. Robinson’s R22, R44 and R66 are the most successful single-engine helicopters in the world and are a popular choice for both flight training and private ownership. During its dealership, Sloane has sold over 500 new Robinson helicopters to customers in Europe. As a Leonardo distributor, Sloane has secured early delivery positions for the AW109SP GrandNew and the AW169, and recently delivered the first VIP AW109 Trekker in Europe.

Learning to fly a helicopter is more achievable than you might think. One of Sloane’s core areas of expertise is the Flying School at Sywell Aerodrome, Northamptonshire. Its excellent training facilities and experienced instructors provide a high standard of training for every level of pilot, taking you from the novice right through to gaining your professional pilot qualifications. The first step is to try your hand at flying with Sloane’s Trial Lessons. During the lesson, you will be invited to take control of the helicopter, carrying out basic manoeuvres with the instructor demonstrating some of the key characteristics of flying a helicopter; be warned, it can be addictive! If you decide to continue on to your Private Pilot Licence (PPL-H), the Trial Lesson flying time can be logged as part of your training.

A PPL(H) will allow you to fly a helicopter for personal use permitting you to carry passengers on board for private purposes, not monetary gain. The PPL(H) course comprises both practical flying and theoretical ground study requiring a minimum of 45 hours flying time. The course can be carried out on both a full-time or part-time basis to suit individual needs and availability. The full-time course will take between four and six weeks to complete whereas the part-time course duration varies based on the individual’s level of attendance. Once you have completed your PPL(H) you can then move on to your Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL-H) enabling you to fly a helicopter as a career.

Contact Sloane today to begin your flying journey at, Sywell Aerodrome, Northamptonshire at training@sloanehelicopters.com or on +44 (0)1604 790595. Alternatively visit www.sloanehelicopters.com for further information.