Building confidence as people go back into the workplace

As lockdown restrictions started to ease, a Milton Keynes cleaning specialist was called upon by the BBC to discuss measures that could be taken to support employers and their staff back into the workplace.

Hazel Scanlon, Director at SMS Cleaning Services Ltd was interviewed by BBC News in a TV report about building confidence as people go back into the workplace and what can be done to lower the risks.

With regard to the safety processes firms are using to prepare their workplaces,  Hazel Scanlon explained how premises can be fogged with anti-viral products which help to eliminate the virus in the air and on surfaces. This method is the best method to cover all areas of a building to give additional protection and to support staff confidence in their working environment and the need for a schedule of ongoing cleaning with trained cleaning operatives.  Plus, for additional support, SMS will implement sneeze screens, facemasks, sanitiser stations and signage.

SMS cleaning has been proudly working in the private sector for 20-plus years and has a specialist team trained in all methods of disease control.

In addition, SMS client Riskex is able to provide a free health assessment tool. SMS is already using this tool to help keep its own workforce safe during their front-line activities.  This allows SMS to see what percentage each day of their workforce is fit and well, and who is not and needs support.

Free to everyone

The health assessment tool has been made free to all UK organisations by Riskex, as a way of contributing to the UK’s efforts to get back to work and support the economy.  SMS is helping to support companies as part of the disease control programme to implement the free app, as well as ensuring all other steps are taken to help support companies lower the risk and, ultimately, support confidence when getting back into the workplace.

Coming out of lockdown

Any UK organisation can sign up and use this tool, as part of their strategy to return to the workplace.  The disease control programme is key to organisations who have staff who cannot work from home and are emerging from lockdown. 

Please call the SMS team on 01908 319494 or email  for more detail on how SME can support you and your teams.