The team at Northampton based SpaceVac International are celebrating this morning after setting a new world record

SpaceVac - the manufacturers of the world’s leading high-level cleaning system - were approached by the organisers of the CMS Show at the Messe with a view to setting a new world record for high-level vacuum cleaning.

Sensing the perfect opportunity to put the companies new range of cleaning products to the ultimate test . This new system - built utilising new developments in Carbon technology to allow users to reach higher than previously possible - SpaceVac have spent the previous week preparing for the world record attempt with Finnish operator Jussi Kurikkala.

At midday on Wednesday, Kurikkala lifted the cleaning system into position from the floor to a total height of 17m and 60m where he was able to vacuum dust and debris from the top of an elevator shaft at the Messe Berlin Conference Centre. A height independently verified as a new World Record.

SpaceVac International CEO Tommie Nisula said “We are of course very proud to be the official world record holders in this area - it feels like a record we’ve been training for for over a decade! But while this record attempt here is very exciting and a bit of fun for the whole team, the serious unspoken message, is that every year we work very hard to push the boundaries of what is possible with high-level cleaning”.

New record holder Jussi added “I’m looking forward to working with the team at SpaceVac to see how we can look at breaking this record again in the future. We have a very important exhibition happening in Amsterdam in 2020, I think maybe we could reach 20m 20cm at that time!”