The uncertainty builds resilience

When you read this, you will be wondering what happened on Wednesday 18th March 2020. It was a big day for a lot of our candidates, and it will show that change does bring about good.

The last term in the academic year is an exciting part of the year for apprenticeship training providers, who see young people deciding which path to take in their next step in life.

We have all been part of the fourth industrial revolution as digital has disrupted and created industrial change. The change brought about by the coronavirus (COVID-19) has forced us into a virtual world, where we still communicate, and life goes on.

This new generation of candidates have built the skills, behaviours and resilience that this uncertainty has brought about. So, we know that our apprentices will have managed the change that coronavirus has brought. They are digital natives that are resourceful with technology.

Over the years of working with young people, we hear a lot of comments about young people on their phones. Very often, they are, being resourceful and finding a solution. They are brilliant to work with, and sometimes think we should be questioning our behaviour instead.

Indeed, Simon Aston, Online Safety and Wellbeing Officer at Northamptonshire County Council, says, “Whilst out and about, I have seen and read wonderful stories about how young people have reacted over the past few days. Young people have so much going on in their lives, now throw into this the uncertainty of COVID-19 and schools closing which means no exams after lots of hard work, lack of routine, can’t see their friends as much and the constant mixed messages social media and the media has been putting out there. After news broke of schools closing, a friend of mine’s teenage son went over to their elderly neighbour and asked to do his food shop - a huge part of resilience is building empathy”.

During this period of unprecedented change, our apprentices have still been accessing and submitting work remotely, still been logging in, logging on and getting their day job done with no fuss. They have continued to apply and register for apprenticeships online. The wheels have not stopped turning as their world is largely digital and remote anyway. When we all return to normality, we will have learnt some important lessons about how we work and how we live and you will want and need apprentices/young people with this resilience, this adaptability and this technological ability in your business.

Our apprenticeships cover Accountancy, Business Administration, IT, Digital Marketing, Customer Service and Team Leadership - all key areas of business, where you will want resilient, empathetic, resourceful, and digital native solutions.

By the way, did you remember on Wednesday 18th March 2020, our young people found out that they couldn’t sit their GCSE and A level exams? These agile souls adapted to change and life continued.

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