Building a team from a pool of talented professionals

Putting together a team you can trust isn’t always straightforward, but Ben Evans of Subs Construction in Northampton found the ideal solution to meeting his clients’ needs.

Ben, who has many years’ experience in the construction industry, put his knowledge of the local sector to good use a few years ago and launched a recruitment firm specifically aimed at those in construction, civil engineering and allied trades.

Over time, he realised that clients were often looking for whole teams for new and growing projects, and so the idea for Subs Construction was born.

“I’ve worked in construction for years and I know how it operates and when people started to ask me for people with a whole range of skills, I realised that it would make more sense to start Subs Construction,” said Ben.

“What it meant was that I could draw from a pool of people that I knew were available for work, and that I knew and trusted, and most importantly, who were reliable. It made perfect sense, really.

“So just over a year ago I started trading and since then we’ve completed projects across the region, from domestic building work to large projects, as well as civil engineering work such as roads and infrastructure.”

Subs Construction has its own core team covering all the fundamental skills, and, as and when they are needed, draws on a bank of skilled professionals to complement the core team.

The firm has carried out projects across Northamptonshire and the Milton Keynes area. One of its largest projects to date has been the construction of new learning facilities for Canto Charitable Specialist College in Northampton, which provides additional educational support to those who need it; and the team is currently close to completing the goundworks on a 14-house new build site.

And within the next few weeks, Subs Construction is hoping to be able to announce a major new project that will keep it moving forward in line with its ongoing growth and its continued success despite the recent coronavirus restrictions.

“We are fortunate that we can do a lot of work outside,” said Ben. “I was determined to keep working and we managed to do that, with everyone pulling together. Changes had to be made and we haven’t been working inside, or where we could come into contact with other people, but we did manage to organise teams and shifts so that we could carry on throughout lockdown and deliver projects for our clients.

“Over the past year or so we have gained a reputation for reliability and being able to work over the past couple of months has cemented that. Our clients are happy that their projects have continued as planned, and they appreciate the lengths we’ve gone to, and that should stand us in good stead for the future.

“I’ve always been keen that we didn’t try to run before we could walk. We want to do the job right, not spread ourselves too thinly and chase every bit of work we can. We’ve got a solid foundation now and we can build on that.

“We’re relatively new in a competitive sector and we need to push forward now. Word of mouth is so important in construction because trust and reliability is everything, so now that we’ve made our mark we need to work hard to become one of the leading construction firms in the region.”

Subs Construction can be contacted on 07956 356843 or visit