What will be the big changes to business comms in the 2020s?

The way businesses communicate both internally and externally has changed radically over the last decade.

From cloud computing to screen sharing and video calls, we have adopted a lot of new technology over the last ten years that has enabled us to do business from anywhere, with anyone, at any time. So, what do the experts think will be the next big thing in business communications?

All Things Business spoke to Simon Dixon and Andrew Thomas of Totally Converged Solutions, a telecommunications company in Milton Keynes, to get their predictions.

Comms management

“Putting things in place like a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system can be a gamechanger for businesses,” says Simon. “An MDM system enables businesses to monitor, manage and secure all employee mobile devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc in one place. Hosted Telephony Systems work in a similar way, giving businesses a complete communications system that connects your desk phones, mobiles and voicemail and, not only does it simplify the way you communicate, it streamlines costs and makes growth and change more manageable. You can also set up hunt groups, which enables incoming calls to one number to be answered by anyone in a select group on any of their devices, so employees can respond straight away to customers and colleagues on any device and work more efficiently from anywhere. The whole system can also be managed via a user-friendly portal on your PC screen or mobile app.”

Audio and voice technology

“Over the last few years, we have seen the rise in popularity of podcasts and audio books,” says Andrew. “People like listening to information as and when it suits them. I think more businesses will start communicating with their teams and clients using voice messages. These are already being used in Messenger and LinkedIn as a sales tool and I think this is something else we will start to see more of in the next decade.”

Internal comms

“One thing we have seen really develop over the last ten years is internal communications,” reveals Simon. “The clunky intranets that served more like internal newsletters or noticeboards on a screen were replaced by bespoke messaging and chat services. I think this will be developed further over the coming decade. There will be more companies investing money into making these services more mobile-friendly and able to integrate with other apps. Cloud-based workflow, CRMs and other project management systems will also be more widely used to help teams share data and keep each other updated while working from different locations.”

“One thing we can be sure of is progress,” adds Andrew. “Like everything, telecommunications will move on and it is our job to be at the forefront of that to better serve our customers. If you are unsure which products and solutions are right for you and your business, do come and talk to us.”

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