Free Wi-Fi solution is really going places

Totally Converged Solutions, a telecommunications company in Milton Keynes, is improving the customer journey quite literally by providing free on-board Wi-Fi to transport companies.

The technology is being rolled out to taxi cabs, buses and trains across the UK, ensuring customers have a ‘consistent connection to the internet’ while they travel.

The Wi-Fi system works using a secure Wi-Fi Accessory Channel. On-board systems, such as next stop announcements, CCTV and ticketing systems, can connect wirelessly to the Accessory Channel to provide a full-featured and secure connected Wi-Fi system.

The system also comes complete with a 4G data sim with managed connectivity and can offer any size of data bundle to meet the requirements of any organisation.

Simon Dixon, Director at TC Solutions, said: “A happy customer is a returning customer. For public transport companies, ways to improve customer service are fairly limited and can be expensive and reduce profit margins – for example, improving seating, investing in newer vehicles or reducing prices. For a relatively minimal outlay and maximum customer satisfaction, this solution gives the public transport sector the ability to offer free on-board Wi-Fi to customers and vastly improve their experience.”

Aside from the obvious benefits for the customer, there are also multiple benefits for the transport companies. These include:

Returning, happy customers

Data collection from customers using logins to track usage and what they’re using the services for

The self-contained unit requires no external antenna allowing for a speedy, simple installation and is easily portable between vehicles

“In the modern world, we all travel with a smartphone, tablet or laptop and are ‘always on’ wherever we are travelling to,” adds Co-director Andrew Thomas. “By installing our compact Wi-Fi system, transport companies will be able to offer their customers the best travel experience, with comfortable seating, a smooth journey and a consistent connection to the internet. This could open up potential new markets too, such as coach travel for business customers or executive car hire for

taxi firms.”

Totally Converged Solutions is one of the UK’s leading independent suppliers of B2B telephony and related IT products and has been operating in Milton Keynes for ten years. Over those last ten years, the company has grown from two directors to a team of ten and worked with a multitude of clients, both in Milton Keynes and across the UK, with many of them staying with the business since its first year.

The company provides a wide range of telecommunications services to businesses, including business landlines, mobile device management and broadband. Clients include Champneys, MK Dons SET, BP Chargemaster and Kirkby & Diamond.

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