New branding club opens doors to support county’s small businesses

A new masterclass is launching in Northamptonshire to help start-ups and small businesses to develop their branding.

The Branding Club will encourage business owners to think about how they can stand out in their marketplace with practical advice on how to grow their business by establishing a strong brand.

The first club session will run at the Co-Work Engine in Northampton on Friday 27th March, from 10am to 2:30pm, as a one-day masterclass for six people led by branding expert Trudie Avery.

Trudie, who has worked in graphic design and branding for almost 25 years, came up with the concept of The Branding Club after realising that many businesses create their brands and logos at the very start of their journey, when they don’t have the budget for a professional, or enough knowledge about what their business stands for and who it is targeting.

“Branding is about much more than just a logo,” says Trudie. “A brand should be true to you and your business and act as a powerful magnet that attracts those with similar values to want to work with you. In building a brand that focusses on more than just your logo and colour scheme, and more around values and personality, it actually helps to build a relationship with clients and attract the right customers who value your service and are not buying solely based on price.

“I wanted to bring new or small businesses together and create a space that enables them to experience clarity and understanding about who they are and what they stand for so they can position themselves in a crowded marketplace with confidence. And by doing this as part of The Branding Club, they can grow and develop alongside each other and be part of a supportive


The masterclass will give businesses confidence around WHO they are, WHAT they stand for, WHY they are different and WHY their perfect clients should be working with them. They will gain clarity so that they will no longer be unsure of what to say in their marketing and will leave with the confidence to show up authentically and replace marketing that doesn’t quite land with connecting easily with customers.

In preparation for the launch of The Branding Club, Trudie held a session at the premises of recently established leadership training and coaching company, Specific Learning & Coaching. Business partners Lindsey Marriott and Charlotte Green started the business in July 2019 after running their own separate companies for years.

Lindsey said: “I got so much from this branding session and it really helped me to clarify in my mind what we are, what we stand for and, most importantly, how we articulate it. It was such a clever process Trudie took us through to get to a few short words that sum us up. Now we know the type of clients we really want to work with and how we can target them.”

“We had a fantastic day,” added Charlotte. “We covered so much and I feel inspired and aspired to do, do, do! Trudie made us realise what we are good at and what we can improve on. I can’t wait to weave our learning into our business plans.”

The Branding Club is launching at a reduced price of £99 for the first masterclass and is open to any business looking for guidance with their brand strategy.

For more information, go to or contact Trudie Avery at