Grosvenor launches major new personal vehicle leasing partnership with Select Car Leasing

The Grosvenor Group has launched an important new vehicle leasing partnership with Select Car Leasing to offer a personal car leasing solution to its clients, their employees, families and friends.

The new strategic alliance will see Kettering-based Grosvenor Leasing and Interactive Fleet Management customers benefiting from Select Car Leasing’s market-leading leasing offering, supported by Grosvenor’s hallmark levels of advice, service and support.

“This is a very significant new initiative,” said Shaun Barritt, Grosvenor Group CEO.

“We first opened dialogue with Select Car Leasing back in 2017 about combining our skills to formulate an industry-leading PCH partnership.

“It means this very special arrangement has been two years in the making, and of such importance that we’ve appointed a dedicated team within Grosvenor to run our PCH offering, operating from office space which has been co-branded Grosvenor and Select Car Leasing.

“It means we can offer a superb personal leasing solution, either direct to drivers or via staff Affinity schemes.

“Key personnel who are long-standing and highly talented fleet funding and management specialists, have transferred from our corporate business to run the new PCH division.

“They will be on hand to advise customers, and drivers, on areas such as cash for car options, taxation, vehicle choices, electric vehicles and so on.

“As well as launching our PCH offering, we have developed an affinity scheme proposition which, we believe, will exceed the market in terms of service levels, driver benefits, support, advice and pricing.”

The Grosvenor Group is the UK’s largest privately-owned contract hire and fleet management specialist winning multiple awards in recent years for best leasing company (under 25,000 vehicles), best green solution and best fleet management system.

Select Car Leasing, run by directors James O’Malley and Mark Tongue, is the UK’s premier car and van leasing specialist. In 2019, there were over eight million visits to Select’s website and close to 20,000 people ordered a vehicle from them. Employing over 170 staff in two UK locations, the partnership with Grosvenor brings a completely new dimension to the business’s overall motor offering.

Mark Tongue, Company Director of Select Car Leasing, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with The Grosvenor Group in developing a bespoke vehicle leasing offering that combines the skills and services of both businesses.

“Car leasing is seeing significant growth as private drivers see the clear benefits of taking a car lease over ownership.

“Many drivers opting for cash in lieu of company cars are also seeking to replicate the company car experience while having more freedom to choose a vehicle that best suits their needs.

“Those members of staff who have never had a company vehicle are also attracted by the benefits of leasing – often enabling them to afford a car that was previously out of reach thanks to the low deposits and very attractive monthly rentals that our business offers.”

The Grosvenor Group...

Based in Kettering, The Grosvenor Group combines Grosvenor Leasing and Interactive Fleet Management.

Established for almost 40 years, it’s one of the largest fleet sector companies to have resisted the temptation to adopt a process driven, call centre culture – instead offering organisations with vehicle fleets, in both public and private sectors, a level of attention and support that leads to ongoing cost savings and heightened driver mobility.

As a Group, its overall proposition uniquely combines two distinct offerings.

With Grosvenor Leasing, customers enjoy an award-winning contract hire specialist providing all forms of vehicle funding and outstanding client and driver support.

Interactive Fleet Management is a fleet management specialist dedicated purely to managing fleets. Irrespective of funding method, it’s best described as ‘your very own’ fleet department, managing all vehicles, drivers and suppliers whether you contract hire or own your vehicles.

Many leasing customers choose a combination of both. This results in a holistic approach whereby the Interactive Fleet Management team manages everything for you, with Grosvenor Leasing providing the contract hire.

Companies that own their cars and light commercial vehicles simply use Interactive Fleet Management as a standalone team, benefiting from the daily expertise of the finest fleet professionals in the sector.

For more information call the Grosvenor PCH team on 01536 536 666