Business as usual, leads to great charity initiative

Towergate Insurance Brokers in Northamptonshire have raised £1,170 for Cynthia Spencer Hospice through their Contribute Your Commute Initiative.

In response to numerous reports suggesting that charity fundraising has been significantly impacted by the coronavirus, the team decided that ‘business as usual’ also had to mean continuing support for the wider community.

Members of the team decided to donate some of their normal commuting costs, lunchtime meal deals, trips to the coffee van and cake day spending to Cynthia Spencer Hospice, a charity that is extremely close to so many of the team. The fundraising initiative was match-funded by their wider company, The Ardonagh Community Trust and a total of £1,170 was raised for the hospice.

“We are grateful to Towergate Insurance Brokers in Northamptonshire for choosing us as their charity of the year,” said Nina Gandy, corporate partnerships fundraiser for Cynthia Spencer Hospice. “The team have continued to show their care and compassion towards our cause during these difficult and uncertain times by contributing their commute. These donations will ensure that we can continue to provide care and support to our patients and their families throughout the county, and help them to live every moment. Towergate Insurance Northamptonshire are also signed up to take part in the Franklins £50 Challenge which will be taking place this autumn. I am really excited to see what other innovative fundraising ideas they will come up with then!”

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