13 autistic people into employment & rising

In last month’s All Things Business we were delighted to announce that we had supported 13 autistic people into employment, and this figure is now rising each week. So why is this?

When we speak with businesses about employing people, we do not want people to do this because it is a nice thing to do, we do this because we believe that the individual we are working with will make a positive contribution to all aspects of that business.

By starting conversations about autism, and answering questions people may have, we are seeing that employers can make small environmental changes which can make a life changing difference.

We have successfully used work experience visits to allow an individual to gain employment – during the initial visits both the organisation and individual were able to check there was an appropriate fit, and the employee is now performing a crucial function for the business, with minor alterations made to working arrangements which suit both parties. Our work with ACS Recruitment has seen us successfully place individuals in several business’s. The process usually starts with the preparation of a visual guide to the workplace environment, followed by a personalised tour and then ensuring the individual has the skills to match the requirements of the job. Before, during and after recruitment working in partnership, we are able to provide support and training to ensure both the employer and employee are able to fulfil their potential.

Thomas Cliffe, Managing Director at Track NN
Thomas Cliffe, Managing Director at Track NN

It is not just new employees to consider. How are you supporting your existing employees? You may have staff whom are currently using a huge amount of energy ‘masking’ their autism, and this energy could be used to increase productivity if they felt able to disclose their diagnosis, and felt they would not be judged on this. Some people may not want to disclose, but by showing that you are an organisation that embraces diversity, individuals are far more likely to share their personal story with you and this can only be a benefit to the individual and the organisation. Did you know that Access to Work can fund ongoing mentoring and training, meaning that support is available at each step of the process?

If you would like to fInd out more please get in contact and find out how we can support your business to benefit from a diverse range of skilled individuals on www.track.org.uk