Milton Keynes threw open the doors to its newest fine dining experience

On Tuesday 30th November, Milton Keynes threw open the doors to its newest fine dining experience, Twenty out of Ten. Located at Fourth & Fifth in the heart of The Hub, Twenty out of Ten offers casual evening dine dining, in the already vibrant setting of this breakfast and brunch eatery. The brainchild of brothers Aaron and Shane Clarke (from the Brothers’ Supper), in partnership with business owners Neal Butler and Joe Connolly (of Thomas Connolly Estate Agents), Twenty out of Ten will offer an alternative experience for diners in the already diverse nightlife of Milton Keynes.

Lovers of food, and passionate advocates for the community of Milton Keynes, Twenty out of Ten is an opportunity for Aaron and Shane to build on their already successful culinary careers. Growing up in the community of Milton Keynes, and with very little variety to the food that they encountered as youngsters, chefs Aaron and Shane want to ensure that great, well produced food can be available to this community. Using the tastiest, fresh and locally sourced ingredients, based in a current and innovative venue, the pair want to create the most enjoyable dining experience for all of their customers. Twenty out of Ten aims to offer fine dining food, without the fine dining preconceptions.

By fusing their extensive culinary experience (with Michelin star chefs and restaurants) to create their high-class offering, and with their relaxed dining venue at Fourth & Fifth, Aaron and Shane have created an unrivalled dining experience that is a welcome addition to the culinary community of Milton Keynes.