Twinkling Stars Appeal

The maternity ward in any hospital is generally one of the happiest places to be. However unfortunately this is not always the case. At KGH we pride ourselves on giving women the best care at every stage of their visit and this is all the more important when they experience a pregnancy loss.

At present we have a dedicated room in the Delivery Suite where we care for families. However this isn't purpose built. Through our taxes we pay for the NHS, however funding only stretches so far. Although we can be incredibly proud of our health service, we can't sit back and say our work is done.

To improve the holistic care we give to women and their families who sadly experience the loss of their baby, we plan to build a specialised unit. This will be adjacent to our current Delivery Suite and will provide these families with one to one dedicated care. This unit will have a delivery room, a quiet room, a family room with kitchen and bathroom and an office to enable our specialised Bereavement Team to work closely with these families.

The new suite is planned to be adjacent to the Delivery Suite but entirely separate from it.

It will be a place where families who have suffered a loss can get quiet, compassionate and supportive care and spend time with their loved one.

It would create:

- A new bereavement room with en-suite bathroom and an appropriate cold cot

- A new Family Room just for bereaved families to use entirely separate from the delivery suite. This would be a place where family members could meet, wait in, and use in support of bereaved parents. It would have a kitchenette, sofa bed, and be a quite private place.

- Quiet Room and office – This would be a place where the bereavement midwives are based which would have the dual purpose of being a quiet room where bad news could be communicated or where post mortem results could be discussed. The bereavement midwives currently share offices in the Delivery Suite.

Why we need to plan ahead for our growing population?

- Population in Northamptonshire over the last 30 years has grown by 30.6% - twice the national average.

- There are also 35,000 new homes planned for North Northamptonshire over the next 10 years attracting many younger families.

- The Trust’s Charitable Funds Committee has adopted the Midwifery Bereavement Suite development as its main focus for fundraising for 2019-2020.

The support of local businesses will be hugely important to the success of the appeal, say organisers.

Appeal Fundraiser Jayne Chambers said: “This is a major opportunity for local businesses to show their support for families who will go through the heartbreak of losing their baby.

“We are asking businesses to consider choosing Twinkling Stars as their Charity of the Year so that team building events such as sponsored walks, runs, climbs or fun days can help support the appeal.

“Having a strong local focus will mean employees know they are doing their bit for their local community and hospital.

“It boosts staff morale and is a great example of corporate social engagement.

“It also offers the chance to generate positive publicity for your company, and demonstrates your brand values to employees, customers, and other business associates.

“We will also work with companies to develop an employee engagement strategy that demonstrates mutual commitment to the partnership.”