Don’t let business relocation spook you out. You just need the right people for the job!

Business relocation is not as easy as packing your stuff and moving. It takes thorough planning and the right people that know exactly how relocation is done. In fact, planning is the backbone of moving office. When hiring a relocation company, Xpress Relocation prides itself in being the best. Offering a complete solution to your Office Relocation.

No matter what your relocation needs are or whatever the size of the project, Xpress Relocation has the knowledge and experience to handle it with ease.

Undecided as to whether you need to hire a removal company for your business move? If you fit into one or more of the below categories, it is highly recommended!

“We have so much to move!”

The first thing to think of for any move is what belongings you have. It’s time to get organised. Choose what’s going, what’s staying and what can go to a better home.

Xpress Relocation can not only help with the packing and moving of your office space, but also archiving, storage and waste disposal.

Xpress Relocation can ensure that you are not left with the task of arranging to remove the furniture safely from your premises and finding an environmental solution to your problem. Organisations such as schools, charities, community groups and new small businesses can make a far better use of it than a landfill site.

‘We don’t want to be out of action for long!’

Xpress Relocation will work closely with you to understand your business, to evaluate the scope of your removals project and identify the correct resources needed to ensure your business has as little downtime as possible. This is probably the most attractive reason to use a commercial removal company. Simply not to affect the productivity of your business. Xpress Relocation will make the process as smooth, easy and speedy as possible.

The team has carried out entire moves in under four hours.

‘It’s the first time we’re moving, we’re not sure where to start!’

Whatever your reasons for choosing to relocate, asking for assistance from Xpress Relocation will take away the stress. There is so much to think about when it comes to a move and the team at Xpress have the knowledge to demystify. The team has been moving offices, factories, hospitals and educational authorities for years and understand that large or small business removals each come with their own unique challenges. Xpress Relocation can not only provide you with a good quality service but also a reliable and professional team of removalists. Making your move effortless, from packing, unpacking, transporting and IT Relocation - Xpress Relocation can get your office space ready so you can move straight in and get on with the important stuff.

Let the professionals handle it. Whether you run a ten person office in the private sector or you are an employee in a multi-national public corporation, Xpress Relocation has the expertise and resources to implement the most cost effective removal to ensure business continuity for your staff and your business.

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