How to ensure a smooth move for your business

As companies scale up or down, there inevitably comes a time that they will need to move premises.

Xpress Relocation in Milton Keynes has been helping businesses to move for more than 20 years and has perfected the art of moving smoothly.

As well as helping to physically move office furniture and commercial equipment from one commercial premises to another, Xpress Relocation can also supply furniture, dispose of any unwanted items, archive files and set up IT networks as part of its ‘full move management service’.

Jade Taylor, Sales and Marketing Manager at Xpress Relocation, said: “Over the last 23 years we have moved offices, factories, hospitals, laboratories, educational facilities, to name a few, and know that relocating is about so much more than simply transporting furniture from one place to another. A lot of forward planning has to go into a move to minimise the disruption caused to the day-to-day running of the business.”

Here are Jade’s top tips to ensure a smooth move:

Getting organised

Six months before your move, review your current lease and familiarise yourself with its terms. How much notice do you need to give? What are you responsible for? Look into what you have agreed with your landlord and how and when you need to leave your premises. Once you have established a moving date, get quotes from moving companies. Think about any specialist needs you may have. For example, if you are a printer, does this company have experience of dismantling and moving large printing presses? Use these quotes to set a budget and assemble a planning team. This select group of people within your organisation will be the main point of contact for the moving company and assume responsibility for keeping all staff updated and aware of what they need to do and by when.

Communicate internally and externally

Create an internal moving plan including the individuals involved, required action items and deadlines. Notify all employees of the upcoming move and set clear expectations so they know their responsibilities ahead of time and can plan accordingly. Notify local partners, affiliates and suppliers of your move. Will your relocation affect any partners or clients? If so, make sure they know your new contact information and how the relocation might impact project deadlines. Confirm the moving date with the moving company and new landlord and secure any other moving arrangements.

Map things out

Map out both your existing premises and your new premises to determine where to place equipment and furniture. Consider things like the number and location of Wi-Fi connections and power sockets. Place big items immediately so you don’t have to shuffle things around later. Also arrange for phone and internet installation and make a plan for setting up computers and IT systems.

In the lead up to moving day

Make a list of any suppliers/providers and ensure you have spoken to everyone, especially those related to facilities management such as landscapers, security, cleaners etc. Remind staff to hand in any passes or keys and transfer any services, such as utilities, to the new premises. Remember to notify your insurance provider and set up a mail forwarding service to ensure you don’t miss out on any important post. Make staff responsible for packing up their own belongings but leave any IT equipment for the IT team or professional movers and ensure everything is labelled. Go over when the movers will arrive and who will let them in, who will be present during the move, and who will handle locking up the facility afterwards. Check over new premises and ensure everything appears and works as it should.

Post move

After you have settled in, send an email to let your customers know where they can reach you going forward and update any company address listings such as bank accounts, websites, social media, magazine subscriptions and any online directories you are listed on.

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