City champions connecting MK

With many years’ experience in providing telecoms solutions nationwide, Boxx Communications - an established Milton Keynes business based in Witan Studios - has long worked towards its aim to ‘simplify telecommunications for businesses large and small’. Recently, the company took the strategic decision to focus its efforts more locally and for 2020, the telephony and internet connectivity specialists have big plans. The focus for this year is two-pronged:

1 Supporting MK businesses migrating from traditional telephony to IP, ahead of the planned 2025 ISDN switch off…

Since the announcement back in 2015, that BT Openreach planned to replace analogue telephony in favour of IP (i.e. voice solutions delivered via Internet Protocol), Boxx made it their mission to educate businesses about the migration options available - which can bring many benefits, including cheaper calls, improved call handling, higher call quality and greater resilience.

Milton Keynes has a thriving business economy with expansive growth plans ahead, so it is imperative that the business community is not only aware of the upcoming changes to the telephony landscape but is also equipped to migrate in a way that best suits the needs of their businesses.

MK Gallery is just one of the landmark Milton Keynes organisations Boxx has not only migrated to IP telephony, but also helped to utilise technology to meet its overall business objectives.

Kate Chadwick, Deputy Director at MK Gallery, said: “Our partnership with Boxx began with the provision of connectivity, but our relationship quickly developed, and it soon became clear that they genuinely wanted to enable us to deliver on our own business goals.  As we neared a critical project deadline, the grand opening of the new MK Gallery, Boxx proactively guided us, and liaised seamlessly with our outsourced IT partner to achieve the implementation of numerous business-critical telephony and connectivity projects in a timely manner.  In addition to championing us through this milestone launch period, Boxx exceeded our expectations and have become advocates of MK Gallery and we have enjoyed working with them in positioning our new gallery firmly on the MK map.”

2 Improving internet connectivity for Milton Keynes businesses utilising the CityFibre infrastructure…

The announcement that CityFibre was coming to Milton Keynes back in 2016 excited Boxx Directors James Green and Dean Burgin, as they could clearly visualise the opportunities the new infrastructure would bring to local businesses and residents alike. What has proved even more rewarding since then is the like-minded approach the two tech companies have towards connecting the city’s businesses to the fastest internet speeds available.

After demonstrating an ability to work strategically with specific business objectives in mind and ‘thinking outside the boxx’ in terms of how to deliver the solutions required to achieve them, Boxx has recently been named as ‘City Champions’ by CityFibre and both organisations are dedicated to working towards their shared mission of ‘Connecting MK’ throughout 2020.

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