Maintain your lifestyle for the rest of your life with a little bit of planning

All Things Business met with Chartered Financial Planner and Independent Financial Adviser, Conor O’Sullivan who runs O’Sullivan Financial PlanningAbout how he focusses on his client’s lifestyle and ensuring that this is maintained for the future.

Firstly, what does a financial adviser actually do?

The best way I like to explain what I do is: “I’m a Sat Nav for your future.”

You know where you currently are, and you will have an idea on where you want to be in the future, and I help get you there.

I’m not here to sell you anything. I see my role as a coach. In business we have coaches to help us achieve our goals. I see myself as a financial coach, helping you make informed decisions and choices about your money so that you and your family’s long-term future is secure.

A lot of advisers focus on client’s money. I’m not really interested in that. I’m more concerned about your lifestyle. You’ve worked hard to get to where you are. You have a lifestyle you’ve become accustomed to. What I do is help you to make smart decisions about your money so that it works to maintain that lifestyle, for both you and your family, for the rest of your life.

Your biggest asset is not your cars or your home. Your biggest asset is you - or more accurately, your ability to earn. We need to ensure that we are using your income as best we can so that it lasts a lifetime.

We do this by working with other professionals, such as your accountant or lawyers, to ensure we’re making use of all available tax allowances – making your money work harder for you.

In addition, you may wish to help some of your loved ones. However, giving the money away can cause tax implications. We can help you understand the options and make the right decisions armed with the information you need.

Tell us more about your business. Why did you name it after yourself?

Imaginative isn’t it? I really didn’t want to name the business after myself but in the end that’s where I ended up because I wanted it to be personal. Too often, a business can be so large it loses that personal touch. I wanted clients to know that they are dealing with me. I have a team behind me providing the support I need, but we’re small enough to give that tailored service you deserve.

In terms of location, I am based in Mawsley in Northamptonshire, but most of my clients prefer for me to visit them in their home or work, which I am more than happy to do. I currently have a diverse range of clients including business owners, high earners and those approaching retirement. I have also started working with a number of local law firms to support their clients on divorce cases and Court of Protection cases. Finally, I partnered with Sports World Media during the summer of 2019 as their exclusive IFA partner working with professional footballers.

You mentioned client meetings. What does a typical first meeting look like?

This is what I refer to as a “no sign-up meeting” as you will not be committing to anything at this stage.

The first time we meet will be at my expense and you won’t pay me a penny. This meeting is about understanding you and your unique situation - your current and future priorities. This allows me the opportunity to show you how I can help achieve these goals.

More importantly, the meeting is for you. It allows you to meet me and see if you want to work with me to help you achieve your goals. It is important that we trust each other, and therefore, if there is any reason you don’t wish to proceed any further then we part ways. However, should you wish to engage me, we will then agree a further meeting to help start building a plan for your financial future.

What makes you different?

There are a number of financial advisers in the UK, but I believe there are five things that set me apart:

- I have been in the financial services profession since 2003 and I am one of only 5% of the financial advisers in the UK who is both a Chartered Financial Planner and a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society (source CII June 2019).

- I am independent. I am an independent financial adviser. I work for you, rather than selling some company’s products or services.

- I have experience of running a business and understand the conflicting priorities you face.

- Prior to setting up my own firm, I spent a decade working at one of the world’s largest banks where I was responsible for a team of approximately 100 financial advisers, mortgage advisers, client relationship managers and management teams looking after high net worth individuals. I understand the importance of diversifying your income and setting up the right structures to manage tax efficiently.

- I appeared in The Times list of the UK’s Top Rated Financial Advisers in February as a direct result of feedback from my clients.

So, in summary, I’m knowledgeable and experienced; I work for you and my clients rate me highly.

Conor O’Sullivan - Founder of O’Sullivan Financial Planning
Conor O’Sullivan - Founder of O’Sullivan Financial Planning

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