Sixth Form at Wellingborough School

What the Head Boy and Head Girl have to say

How long have you been at Wellingborough School?

Cecilia: I joined the nursery when I was three-years-old and have been here for 15 years now.

Louis: I joined Wellingborough School in Year 2 at the age of five and have been here for nearly 12 years.

Which A Levels are you studying and what do you hope to do next?

Cecilia: I am studying French, Italian, History and Latin – I have been very fortunate that the dedicated Exams Officer could arrange for me to study Italian as it isn’t a common subject. I am hoping to continue my studies at the University of Edinburgh and am very grateful to my UCAS Tutor for help and advice when it came to applying for

early entry.

Louis: I’m studying Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry and have an offer to study Natural Sciences at Durham next year. Throughout the UCAS process, I was able to draw on the expertise of many different staff members for invaluable help. In addition to this, the work experience at Gallagher Insurance and Ilmor Engineering, organised by the Careers Department, has been crucial in deciding which career path I’ve chosen to pursue.

How would you reflect on your time in Sixth form?

Cecilia: I have loved my time in the Sixth Form as there is no limit to what you can get involved in! I’ve been an active member of the Student Council, undertaken a lead role in the drama production of Sweeney Todd and participated in Peer Mentoring, which encourages Sixth Formers to mentor new Year 9 pupils as they settle into the Senior School.

Louis: Wellingborough School Sixth Form has been a truly fantastic experience. Having the choice to study four subjects has enabled me to challenge and push myself academically. I’ve also enjoyed a vast array of Co-Curricular activities, such as being an NCO in the Marines section of CCF and completing my Gold Duke of Edinburgh Cycling Award.

Has it been a different experience to your other years?

Cecilia: Definitely. The unique leadership roles and private study opportunities we have been able to experience in the Sixth Form have prepared us to go confidently into the next stage of our education.

Louis: Sixth Form has been vastly different to our previous years. We have had many more roles of responsibility available to us, be it being a Head of School, Prefect, Peer Mentor or Head of House. We have also enjoyed many more subject-related trips and activities.

What have you found to be the most valuable skills that you have learnt?

Cecilia: Patience and perseverance - whilst it may not appear easy at first, the hard work does eventually pay off.

Louis: Time management skills have been essential to my Sixth Form experience to make the most out of our last years at school. I feel that I’ve really improved my people and leadership skills as well through being Head Boy and an NCO in the Marines Section of CCF. These are invaluable skills that I am sure I will be using for the next stages of my life!

Which experience has been the highlight of your time in Sixth Form?

Cecilia: I was lucky enough to go to Rome and Sorrento on the Classics Trip last year and it was amazing! We saw so many incredible sights, accompanied by sunshine and a lot of good food!

Louis: The Geography trip to Iceland was breath-taking throughout, whether it be the glacial valleys, towering waterfalls or bathing in the Blue Lagoon.

How do you feel about the new Sixth Form Centre?

Cecilia: I think this is a great initiative that will be a huge addition to the Sixth Form experience already on offer – I’m just sad that I won’t be here to

enjoy it.

Louis: I think the Sixth Form Centre will be a fantastic addition to the Sixth Form experience at Wellingborough. I know first-hand that Sixth Formers like to feel an increased sense of independence and liberty and having this dedicated area will be an amazing opportunity.

Will you stay in touch?

Cecilia: Definitely!

Louis: Absolutely - I’d love to stay in touch!